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Hey guys, one last question... I'm selling my MX-6 LS and buying a new one in Atlanta, a day before I was gonna run up there a take a look to purchase it... he calls. He's very honest and tells me that he had his friend run it to the JL to have the oil changed while he was at work today. Heres his story... tell me what you think...
He says after his friend had it serviced today, he was driving it home (93 MX-6 LS 5-SPEED), when the oil light came on... he drove it another 2 miles to get to the house and when he got there, there was a clicking noise from the engine or something. He says he has no idea what happened, but that he was going to have it serviced tomorrow from MAZDA. He says he just wanted to let me know that there was a freakish problem (no prior history of problems at all), and although I appreciate his honesty, is the car screwed?
I figure maybe the Jiffy place forgot to screw the oil plug back on and it leaked while he drove home... ? Or is there something more to this story? Let me know what you think!

ALSO... he says if everythings fixed and checks out okay, he'll have it in writing from mazda, should I go ahead and buy it if it still seems good?
(Fully loaded MX-6 LS 5-SPEED 90,000 miles, reasonable price!)

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