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Re: Locks

pjsweat1 said:
This thread has nothing to do with performance by the way. The only problem that I've had with my 6 in the winter are the locks. They freeze up really bad sometimes and lock de-icers and blow torches don't even work. The only way is to put lock de-icer in it all the time. Certainly don't think I'm discouraging you from getting a 6 though. They're great and awesome for e-brake turns in the snow!!!
Actually this is not the performance forum--just the 2nd gen General forum, so the topic is ok IMO.
I dont care for my 6 in the snow particularly. Cant remember why exactly. I think the torque has something to do with it. Maybe it's that no one in the DC area can drive unless the roads are dry, and then they drive chitty too. I'm always worried some bonehead is gonna slide into me.
Regarding the locks--When I got my car 2nd hand, the keys were both twisted. I pumped in some lightweight oil into the locks and it solved the problem. De-icer would be a very short-term fix for the same thing. Just keep em slathered in lube and they should be OK.
Hell if I were you I'd be looking for an old Blazer or something with 4WD, especially in CT.:cool:
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