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Hi guys a while back there was a lot of talk about putting a f2t in a rx7, in my case it will be a n/a 87 as you see here.

I know, I know how can I take out a rotory to put in a regular engine.
Well as much as I would like a rotory the n/a just doesn't cut it and the cost of a turbo 13b was kind of, eh "high".
So I saw on this site that it wasn't too crazy of an Idea to put a f2t in it and I had one laying around so "why not?" I miss my mx6 anyway. And so It begins =

Mx6 engine torn down


Thats why it was knocking! Now the crank is out of spec. Used one coming in this week

Slight Cam shaft rust could it be a problem? I was told that once the hardened surface is messed up because of the rust that the cam will wear out in no time.

Slight porting of the head and grinding down the valve stems. I've never done this before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

If you guys want pictures of anything else just request it and I'll do my best to post it. Sorry about the camera phone pictures, There are not that bad are they :shrug: ?

In my search for compatibility I found this picture ( I forgot where I got it) I believe its a rx7 transmission next to a b2200 transmission. I'm going to have to do this hybrid so I don't have to make a bunch of custom stuff to make it work.

I would also like to thank everyone at Tarrant County College for helping me out teaching me new stuff, both students and faculty.

Blocked Bored .02"

More porting pictures

Still not satisfied! More porting on its way!

Used Crank Arrived

Slight rust on the part that stuck out of the box but besides that it seems to be in good condition and is within stock spec. no turning needed.

Crank shaft install

Master rebuild kit came in

I've never found a rebuild kit that came with lifters also

New 8.6 to 1 pistons

decided to go with a fel-pro head gasket instead of the ebay one.

pistons on rods

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pistons installed

new freeze plugs

Stock valves going in

2.0 carb cam all the way from new zealand

Stock cam top. carb cam bottom

the carb's (right) lobes look fatter but not as tall as the rusty stock a-spec (left)

Engine block and b2200 oil pan/sump and f2t windage tray installed and painted

Exhaust ports

Engine bay engine and tranny removed

Soon to be hybrided
n/a FC Rx-7 (left) and B2200 transmission

Top rx7 bottom b2200

These transmissions look very interchangeable. I want to open them up myself but I don't want to get in over my head.

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C-c-c-c-combo breaker!!
LOL Zack , thats a classic.

I'm planning on staying on the stock set up or t-bird. No really big plans for this one. Its more of a budget build but its not. Its not because I see a lot of different stuff going in it like, mega squirt, 6 puck clutch. ect. I'm just getting it done as I am able to.

I want to get it working well/reliable then I'll think of a different turbo / intercooler and other stuff.

I was looking into getting one of those 2.0l 12v carb camshafts from new zealand but the cost was more than I'm able to spend at this moment, since I'm about to buy a full rebuild kit. Once I buy the rebuild kit I'll see if I can get that cam shipped over so I can see what it can do. Hopefully someone tries it out before me so I don't end up with a 15lb (or however heavy) piece of scrap metal.

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Sounds fun! I can't wait to see it done and built up a bit

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I'd go with the 88-89 harness and wire everything straight to the engine and try to bypass having an ecu all together. It might be a pain in the ass but after its all said and done, engine bay will look cleaner if your able to hide most/all wires. What will you do for gauges?

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Great to see a real cam going into one of these motors.

And don't listen to guys saying overlap is the devil (in bad cajun accent) on turbo cars.
How many N/A cars have been converted to turbo with a stock N/A cam, literally thousands!
So using a stock N/A cam from a 2L shouldn't hurt at all.

It will be very interesting to see how it performs.
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