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MX6 for sale

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hi guys, look at this one Mazda MX6 on eBay, also, Mazda, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 17-Oct-08 23:39:01 BST)

seems nice, cant make out what kinda wheels they are, but this could end up being a good buy??
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wont that be a v6 if its an import? i didnt think they did a 2.0l with 4ws etc?
If you look at the wheels they look like the type on the U.S. 2ltr, but didn't the U.S. have a four cylinder 16 valve version?

Definitely an import, no rear foglight.. J-Spec, and could be the 2.0V6.. 160bhp

They did get a 4cyl in the US.. fitted with the FS DOHC engine.

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