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Hi all, realised I still have quite a few bits from the MX-6 from a planned mod I never bothered to do.

I have the following parts

Klze Inlet Manifold.

Fuel rail and other parts that go on / connect to the Manifold.

Klze ECU (from an auto so will work for both)

Chipped std ECU (chipped with probinator chip after realising ZE ECU wouldn't work for my needs as mine was a later model car so this does same job as above)

Set of ZE cam shafts


ZE bored out throttle body

Set of drop zone coil overs

2 spare (copied) probinator chips

I am in process of aranging to send these to someone to sell on for me, but should anyone wish to make me an offer on the parts please feel free, if by then they have gone to the other party then I can always let you know who to get in touch with regards these.

Happy to post pics/send if you want to see.
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