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Mx6 Lip Spoiler

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Hows $75 + shipping sound ??

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Is this like the one hughes had?
Uhhh .. Im not sure I know which one he had .. this is the OEM lip spoiler though ...
You remember my zip? I will take it.
Yup got it .. Hows $90 sound ?
Mine! Whats the paypal again is it in the thread sending now.
[email protected]

LOL .. I also have a Hot Shot CAI thats been ceramic coated black FS if your interested !! ;)
you have paypal
So uhh... where the hell is this?
You have Email with tracking Info
umm... my paypal email because I did not get one through my email registered here.
Yup Paypal
So there's nothing in my paypal email or in my mail box/on my front porch yet.....?
Can I please get an update? Not upset just looking for information since I am not getting any.
Alright I am going to go ahead and file a claim as well as let the admins know. I still have not gotten this.
fallen angel - post the tracking info here, and pm me proof of shipment. PM me with any other info you need to add.
maybe something happend to him..??
or perhaps vacation.?
odd to rip off someone over $100 bucks an run for the boarder
Why sell something, make a paypal shipping label on the 3rd of nov and never ship?

Not to mention I paid almost a full month before he even made a shipping label.
Woohoo .. Gone for a little while and look at what happens !!

I didnt run for the boarder .. Just the ST Louis Arch ;) Ive been back a little while now though just busy with getting settled back in and all its only been three weeks though :p

As for the spoiler .. I dropped it off at the PO when I took off .. Ill have to swing by there tomorrow and see if they can help out at all on whats up .. As for the tracking info .. I dont know what to say other than Ive had a package in hand and it still said it wasnt dropped off yet ;) Who knows with their systems

And for future reference.. Try emailing me especially if I hadnt been logged on here for a while .. PM's and subscriptions go to a yahoo email that I dont check that regularly ... It could have saved us some trouble and not locked up my paypal account ;) .. No worries though I get why you did it ..

Tracking info for the Mods: USPS 9102 7850 9140 1782 4007 70
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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