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Hey, for those who don't frequent the board, (with the exception of mazda-head) you should post in our cannuck forum with regards to local Toronto GTA meets. I think that you'd benefit from it greatly. They actually started a club called TKO. Toronto KL Owners club. consists mainly second gens. Anything with a KL- engine in it. The purpose being, to include all makes that can benefit from meets, tech sessions, dynos etc... So far it consists of Probes, MX-3's with engine swaps, 323's with Swaps, and 626's, some with KL-ZE J-spec engines, some with TURBO's , but I don't think there are any MX6's.

We just recently had a dyno session, and had a 2nd gen PGT put out 250WHP and a 626 putting out 312WHP, yes 312 wheel HP. I put out 191WHP from my 1st gen.

In light of all the honda, DSM, clubs I think it would be nice to have a stronger presence in the community for you 2nd gens.

For the 1st gens, we are still welcome to join, but i'd like to see more you 1st gens out there as I am one and like to discuss issues with our engines be it probe/mx6/626 all the same sh1t ya know? *cough* mazda-head *cough*

We've been trying to get some simple meets going lately, but ppl are kinda busy and the weather still sucks. but its getting better and I think once it warms up these meets could turn into something good.

Anyways, St.Thomas Dragways Opens this on Sat Mar31. I'm going and some other might go from the PT board. So just spreading the word if you guys wanna drag.

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