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MX6 owners and secret handshakes

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Hi '6ers..

I'm very new to being a part of the MX6 family (less than a week), having spent the last few years as an MG owner.

If you ever drive an MG (at least here in Adelaide), you'll notice that if you see another MG driver, you are required to give them a greeting wave. Owning an MG apparently makes you part of some secret "waving" club, and you have to wave or you're a stuck up rude person unworthy of the spokey-dokey wheels and cloth cap.

Now when I drive around in a Falcon, other Falcon drivers don't wave and neither do I - or I'd be crashing into stobie poles, because I'd never have my hands on the steering wheel from all the waving.

What I'm wondering is whether such a tradition exists for MX6 drivers, and in particular for a smaller place like Adelaide where you don't see MX6s as often as you see a VN commodore with a "Bad Boy" sticker in the window. Do you salute each other? Is there a secret handshake? Is there anything that I need to know now that I'm a member of this little club, too?

Cardinal B.

PS. If you see some idiot woman in a red '93 MX6 give you the steering wheel wave, then it's probably me :wave:
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Re: Re: MX6 owners and secret handshakes

Jasonius wrote:
Welcome aboard biggles..! Have you found the comfy chair yet?
Oh yes.. and I never expected to find it!
there's no real requirement for handflapping in traffic, but if you feel the need then feel free! May even recruit some new members ;)
Well, I'm going to do it - like tripharn said, it might catch on and it gives you the warm fuzzies to connect with other people (mind you, I have a stock exhaust - maybe I need one of these).

The weird thing (at least with MGs) is that it's almost universally the 2-finger salute you watch for (and no, I don't mean @- either). Generally using the right hand, you lift the first and second finger off the steering wheel (like "peace" but with the fingers together).

Oaksey wrote:
I never was really sure if I should give bikies a wave as they would be riding at 110km/h with one hand if they waved back
My other half used to ride a bike, and he reckons they do it too!
We should be organising another cruise soon (provided our members stop trashing their cars) so you should come along!
Sounds like fun :D - I'm in if I'm free (and if I haven't trashed my car *touch wood*).
Ribfeast wrote:
I've waved to 2nd gen owners in the past, usually out the sunroof lol, and they have usually waved back.
*laugh* Actually, I find myself waiting for the comments from other cars when I've got the sunroof open.

I work at AAMI Stadium here in SA sometimes, and I've been known to take the MG there without the roof. For some reason, not having a roof on the car makes people talk at you more. They yell out things at you as if it's some kind of novelty being able to communicate to someone in the next car. Noone's thrown anything as of yet.. although I'm sure they've thought about it.

The last time I took the MG to the ground, these four footy bogans were sitting around, beers in hand, at 3rd quarter time as I left the Stadium. One of them, I think he must have been the thinker of the group, yells out, "Hey! You forgot your roof! Hurr Hurr Hurr" The nice thing is that because I didn't have the roof on, he also got to hear me reply.
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adavidson wrote:
I'm amazed
There is someone else here with an MG. My grandfather (who i live with) and i have a '70 B GT, '64 B race car, '74 Midget and '58 Magnette.
I must say that the most beautiful MG I've seen is a red GT V8 I saw at a Classic Car rally we took the B into (held alternately to the Bay to Birdwood Vintage Rally here in SA). Pristine condition, lumpy bonnet, lots of chrome and oh-so-sweet. The place I get my MG serviced here races an MGB, which they are selling.

It is compulsary to wave at any other driver, but some of the new MGF owners don't seem to know this yet!
It's not that they don't see you waving.. it's that they'd have to put down their cafe lattes to wave :D I'm not overly fond of the Fs.. mind you, I'm not fond of the rubber-noses either. Give me chromies any day!

Bringing this back towards the Mazda side of the force, I reckon we're going to see the MX5 become the next MGB. It's already showing signs of being extremely collectable, and appears to be holding its value beautifully.

Do you still have your MG?
Yes - but she will have to be sold :( I'll be sad to see her go, but I just can't stand driving with a towel on my lap when it rains so I don't wind up looking like I've wet myself when I get to work.

I want to hear your reply!
Simple! All you have to do is yell something stupid at me through my sunroof ;)
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