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hey guys,

ive been a massive mazda nut for years and i finally found my favourite shape this year.. here is a copy of my project thread from another site.

Ok so the other week i was trolling thru Ebay and found this Mazda 323 BF for sale. after a few drinks i may have placed a bid on it. long story short i know own a 5 door 323 BF.

so the car was listed on Ebay to have a 1.3 carbie motor and a 4 speed manual box. So i wasnt to fussed about this as i was thinking about putting a BP or FE3 or F8 in it. But when i went to pick up the car i noticed it had a 1.6 carbie motor, a 5 speed box, 4 wheel disc brakes, mags, good tires. so i bought it. The interior has seen better days but thats ok for now. cool thing is it DRIVES :eek: i drove it on and off the trailer and even around the block. everything works haha

after asking the original owner why he was selling it, he told me it was his son's car and was sick of it out the front of his ouse so he gave his son till 2014 to get it running.. So yer that never happened haha :p

Anyway the car came with a boot load of spare parts like 2xcarbies, 1x head, 2x intake manifolds, new parker lends, exhaust, wheel, and a few other little things.

Also the old owner used to use theis car for Autocross racing (hence the mudflaps) but the bod is in great shap.. only to small spots of rust which i'll take care off very soon to stop the canser from spreading.

so here is some pictures of the new beast :)

P.S. best $200 car i have ever bought ;):D
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