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My A-spec retro's so far

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Minus aiming, some painting, sealing the back and new lenses, mine are done.
Hopefully Artemis's vacuum molding works, i'll be getting lenses from him

I'm using 2004 TSX clear lense projectors, aluminum sheetmetal shroud and an aluminum tubing bezel. I had the shroud and bezel TIG welded, i'll let the pics speak for themselves.


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sry im a bit of a noob when it comes to lights...
1. they look good
2. is the clear TSX lens placed over the stock bulb system . or do u create a new system to hold the bulb.
the lense is part of the projector assembly. lens and cutoff in the front, holder in the back, held together with screws
looks good so far man! are you going to cover up those screws with anything though?
pretty sweet. Good job dude, now where are you getting your glass lenses?
Awesome man, those are top notch lights :) I hope they get aimed properly, thats the bitch to do :)
Flip- the screws are gonna stay just like that, its different from what everyone else has done, which is what i wanted.

Sheep- hopefully i'll be getting them from Artemis(see his retro thread for details)

Yeah aiming's gonna be tough. i'll find out if i have enough adjustibility with the stud/nut setup i have
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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