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Well I was driving to work today and all of a sudden there was this awfull noise coming from the engine. So I stopped and checked it out. It was coming from the Timing belt so I turned around and went home. Pulling the car apart I find out the timing belt tension spring broke and it got wedged between the intake gear and housing. Well I proceed to pull it apart and get to the crank pull nad cannot get the damn bolt out. Called a Mazda dealer and find out the tension spring was under recall. Kick ass I put it back together and they are coming to get it Friday and I should have it back Tuesday or Wednesday. THe part that really pisses me off is the dealer I bought it from never check recalls which if they would have this would have never happened. Hopefully there isn't any engine damage since the spring did jump the timing as went thru the gear. I dont' think it jumped it too much since I could still drive it.

So if you have a 97 Mazda call the dealer with a VIN nad have them check.

Maybe we can find out and post all the recalls somewhere on this board.
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