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Comments on: My GT Front Sway Bushings - install steps

OK, my sway bushing replacement is finally complete. Endlinks and sway bushings, front and rear. Finally got the front ones done today. Here are the step by step instructions:

1. Jack the car up and put on stands
2. Remove the front wheels
3. Loosen both end links (I did not remove them)
4. Turn wheel all the way to the left (to get to the screws on the left bracket).
5. Remove screws from bracket, remove old bushing
6. Grease new bushing, slide onto bar to the left of the "curve" in the bar
7. Slide into position, place new bracket over bushing, start screws and tighten
8. Turn wheel all the way to the right (to get to the screws on the right bracket).
9. Repeat 5-7 for right bushing/bracket (slide bushing on to the right of the curve, then slide over)
10. Retighten end links, replace wheels, lower car, enjoy better sway bar action!

It is TIGHT QUARTERS in there, especially for the left one, behind the transaxle.

I'm glad I got under there for other reasons, too. I saw that the right steering rack boot is torn and needs to be replaced (I'll do both, not just the right one). My tie rod end boots on both sides are also toast. I bought Energy Suspension tie rod end boots too ($3 from, and I got mine in yellow - extra shiny! :D) so I'll get those put on VERY soon, along with the steering boots.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone trying to install front sway bushings on a 2WS GT.

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