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'Tis a sexy little car. I love it to death!

The only reason i got this car, was because of a co-worker who has a GT also, but with a sunroof and red paintjob ( i want it!).
I rode in his car ONCE and just fell in love with it...
i got ripped off when i bought this little monster, clutch assembly went after only 3 days... hasnt seen a single new oil filter until i replaced it at 2 a.m. this morning (still had stock factory filter from 1988). I'm pampering this poor abused baby as best i can to make it a mean bitch on the streets (as if it werent already :p).

Only real problem with the car now is damage to the front passenger side panel where i was hit by some jerk-off kid that decided to pass me up on the right side while i was making a right turn into my driveway...

Anywho, thats my toy,
and this is the lucky man who owns this fine machine, and this fine woman :)

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