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I started my car after it had sat for about 3 hours and there was a horrible loud tick coming from the rear cylinder bank. Needless to say i about craped my shorts and shut it down. then i popped the hood. started it back up and listened. (thats when i found out it was coming from the rear bank) it sounded like a wristpin knock but not quite. and there had been no clues or hints of one before that. But i ahd to get home so i drove it. i went about an eigth of a mile and it stopped and hassent come back since. a friend of mine who works at a ford dealer as a mechanic says they get 2.5 liter probes in once in a while whith that complaint. he says that it is a sticky cam follower and is not a big deal as long as it goes away, evidently these engines have an oiling problem in that head that cropps up once in a while. hope this has been helpfull
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