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My Nascar weekend. (boat load of pics)

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On Friday one of the guys I work at a Hendrick owned Volvo dealer wanted to know if i wanted to go to teh Nascar races with him. We were able to get Hot passes which lets you in to the garages and pits, closes enough to get run over and in the way of the pit crew. So Saturday I went with him and I took my dad Sunday. It was a real blast everyone had a great time. I even got one job offer for a Toyota crew, who knew.

We saw one Toyota engine that had sucked a valve in and was in tech inspection. They was measuring everything although I was not able to take any pics at their request. Can you blame them?

Well here is what you were waiting for:

This would be a Toyota car on fire right after the race...

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Tech inspection...

More of the pace cars, a military helicopter dropped one off on the track...

Some more inspections, they are measuring the body of the car.

Theese guys dropped out of the helicopter also.

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mine for pics
Getting greedy are we? ;)

Need fuel, everyone near that station is in full fire suits, and it was hot in a t-shirt....

and thats thats thats thats all all the end
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looks like you had fun!
Wow, that looks like a blast!
What's with all the different strutts in the one pic?
for tuning of the car.
dude where's the pics of the # 88??
I was not there for the wreck. sorry buddy
argh, its cool!
Nice pics, looks like fun.
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