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My overheating problem has the worst outcome

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Ok cus im an idiot and i take risks, i went for a little drive to a town about 10k away, i was on the way back and started to run out of fuel then eventually stopped, so i pulled over and got out and started walking, then i noticed a little fire under the engine, i got really scared and ran up the road trying to get reception to call for help but no luck, then two 4wds come down and stop, i sprint down to them and ask if they had any water but they just called me an idiot and drove off again, if they had have given me water or something i could have put this small little fire out, but no it got bigger and bigger, then a big bang of something exploding in the engine, about an hour passed after i had noticed the fire and finally the fire brigade and police come and put it out, by that time the whole car was wasted and i have no insurance what so ever. It was one of the most biggest things i have gone through as im only 16 and was by my self, i was scared and angry, couldnt believe it was happening, of course i took pics and even made a video, not sure if i should put the video on the net though because i was a mess. Heres some pics.

How do you think the fire started?

The back was pretty much fine so ill be selling the boot lid, two back rims with brand new tired on it, the doors and tail lights. PM me if your interested, im in the western victoria area of australia.


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Damn, that sux.
fuel line or leaking injector but it had to do with fuel leaking from where it shouldnt of been. that really does suck man
That sucks man. :(
added the video, not the best as i did it with my phone.
thast really sucks mate. it looked like a nice car too.
it was a very nice car, i had great times with it, i just cant believe this is happening, i know its just a car but im only a kid this is all happening way to fast im losing it.
Look at it this way....

It HAS happenned and you ARE alive, uninjured.

But that does suck.
a word of advice to all drivers,

if your car is heating up very fast DONT drive it until the problem is found and fixed, if you smell something burning stop and switch your engine off and check your engine for anything such as fire or leaking fuel, always make sure there is no leaking fuel in the engine what so ever, thats how my fire started, also carry a fire extinguisher or a bottle of water with the car at all times, if i had any of that this wouldnt have happened. I didnt do any of this, and look what happened, i knew the car was heating up extremely fast but didnt kno why, it always had a burning smell but i was stupid enough to ignore it and keep driving, if i didnt run out of fuel in the first place the engine would have caught fire with me still driving, would have blown up with me in the car or i would have been distracted because of something going wrong and crashed into a tree and burnt to death. ALWAYS fix your problems before they get worse.
that sucks man at least your ok but look at it this way its time to upgrade from what i think i saw it look like it wasnt turbocharged its time to go gt and if it was well now you can build one the way you want it best of luck man
yeah it was turbo charged and i only bought the car two months ago! still paying 3 grand off for it, no insurance what so ever.
part it out man you can make some moneyoff of that to help pay it off
yeah thats what im doing now. theres not much left, the most i can get for it all is about 900 bucks. doubt ill get that much for it though
Damn man, that sucks!!! Glad you're alright. At least you didn't burn up with it!
yeah well at the time it was happening i wish i was. anyway when i pay it off i might buy another one, exactly the same or a 2nd gen, see what happens because they are great cars, much better then crappy holdens and fords, they actually have quality.
Sad to watch... did you have the hood open when it was burning?
I think having it shut might of slowed it down a bit.
Also i doubt it would of ever burnt up with you in it; i think the moving air when you drove it is what kept stuff from really catching on fire (although it could have the opposite effect as well), I think it was just luck that it started burning that time when u ran out of gas.

At least your way less likely to let something like this happen again (tough lesson to learn like this but it's one of those that will stick with you). Glad your OK though...
bad times! why did the 4wd drivers call you an idiot?, what a load of fuckwits.
yeah the hood was closed, didnt really make a difference though. i think the 4wders were drunk, or they are just ass holes.
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