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I am from South Africa and I have a mazda rustler, which is basically a Mazda 323 pickup.

I have added the following main mods to it:
- FE3, engine
- Toyota E153 gearbox
- Aftermarket ECU for fuel
- MSD 6BTM for timing
- Hybrid Turbo
- 16 inch MOMO Alloy wheels

Here are some pics:

After lending my ears out to a "specialist" I initially installed a T3/T4 60-1 Hybrid turbo, which was extremely laggy (making full boost at 6000rpm), but made 385 wheel hp with 1.6 bar boost on a reputable Dyno.

After learning on how to plot compressor maps, I built my own
Hybrid turbo and recently went to the Dyno to see the resluts. I decided to only boost 0.8 bar with 95 unleaded pump fuel, as a feeler. The result was 302 wheel hp.

The engine bay had some heat soak after all the tuning and due to pressed for time, the final run for the print-out resulted in 4hp less.

Will turn up the boost for the next visit to the Dyno.

What do you guys think of my results?

For Info: Another vehicle with a FE3 T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo conversion did a power run just before my Dyno Tune and made 312 wheel hp on 1.2 bar boost.

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Sweet ride. Thats what the Ford ranger should have came with, in the states at least :)
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