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My Problem

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ok i have a 93 mx6 and i want to lower it and do more mods to it. but i also have a 97 camaro v8 6speed. so i also want to do things to it but can only aford to work on one. what should i do?
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i say, with gas costing as much as it does now.......... it's a no brainer :p
my camaro gets better mpg than my mx6
Your v8 gets better mileage then your mx6??? Hows that? even the v6 mx6 gets decent mileage.
I vote MX-6, but its your choice really! depends which you like better.
Engine sizes are deceiving sometimes... My V6 z24 gets better mileage than the 1.8t jetta I had. I think it has something to do with more power available to move the car. I would have to down shift the jetta to fourth when cruising on the highway up a steep climb. The z24 holds in fifth at ~2000rpm all the way up, and still could accelerate.

That's my experience anyways...
weird. my mx6, when running, gets like 28 mpg hwy. if it's a road trip, i basically hit 30 but cruising speeds on a 6 are around 3500 rpms. I say do work on the 6 :p we need more nice mx6's. there are plenty of camaros around :)
best i have ever gotten in my 6 was 22. this mx6 is weird the other ones i have had got around 26-28. idk what its deal is. my camaro has gotten 28 on road trips. my camaro at 70mph is 1700rpm.
It has to do with the way you drive the car. You drive the camaro like it's a camaro and you drive the mx6 like it's an mx6, hence the difference in mileage. The camaro is going to be much more receptive to mods, and there is a much larger modification market for camaros out there, even if you want to stay NA. You have a variety of other chevy engines if you have the pockets for a swap (LS series), and you can always slap on a supercharger and run it semi-reliably.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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