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I have decided its time to get rid of my car, time for newer and better things.

Ill break it down.

1989 AT2 Tx5 Telstar Turbo
~180 000km
The usual specs.

The good
5 speed manual with guru torsen LSD fitted ($1500 + fitting).
3" mandrel bent exhaust with rice cannon (thats not really good)
Reasonable interior, but with the rattles expected in an old car.
Pioneer 5550MP mp3 headunit, about 2 years old
JBL 4" fronts
JBL 6 x 9" rears
Fusion 1000watt amp with 2 x 15" fusion subs (a few years old, not the best condition.
Paint is 'custom' but not really to everyones tastes, top half is silver with the bottom standard 2 tone theme going but with a copper -> flip paint, most the time it just looks redish though. Paint is in pretty good nick, better than most average 15 year old cars though, probably about 3 years old now.
Standard 15" tx5 wheels with reasonable tread rear, indicators on the front.
Woo's chip (no boost cut).
Unifilter pod
Boost guage and controller.
Reasonably new starter.
Daikin HD clutch

The bad
Rear bar got hit and scratched (170 for a non-genuine bar)
Small patch of rust under the paint near the windscreen, could be fixed easil.
Front shocks are pretty bad, needs new strut tops quite badly.
Uses oil, but also leaks it from a few places, always has for the past 80 000km.
Aircon doesnt work.
Apparently the steering rack is leaking, but I havent had to add fluid since they told me that 3 years ago.

Engine was apparently rebuilt a few years ago before I got i, but I have no proof. I have owned it for the past 5 years since it had 90 000km on it.

Located in maryborough, but I will deliver to brisbane

Sold as is, needs a fair bit of work for roadworthy. Really needs shocks, strut tops, and oil leaks fixed as a minimum. I think the oil leak is behind the timing belt cover. Needs front tyres at least as well. There could be more, but I have no real interest in getting RWC as I am too busy with work to get it sorted.

Im starting at $3800 with stereo to start with. Im negotiable on that though. Im not on here that much any more, so really the best way is to contact me by mobile.

0409 593 617
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