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This guy wants to trade me his 2nd gen MX6 for my 1st gen rx7 and i have no problem with that but i want to know what this thing will look like and what it can do (haven't gotten the pictures email yet) i'll C&P what he emailed me about it "...brand new fuel pump and starter. also more mods to the engine like NGK spark plugs, aem poweradder air filter, i also have a set of coilover springs that i havent put on yet. 17'' enkei rims and barum tires only 200 miles on them. engine has 68,000 miles but body has 185,000..."
I can't find anything on the power adder air filt so what does that do? and would it be wise to put the co springs on or no? help please and thanks
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First off, what he describes is not "engine mods" - they are bolt-ons and maintenance issues.
The filter is probably one of a million CAI's (cold air intake) on the market.

Just google CAI or you can look in the galleries on this forum for all the pics you need. CAI add's a minimal amount of HP but has more to do with sound of the motor (IMO)

Coilovers - no harm in fitting if they are the right ones for the car (obviously)

At the end of the day, it will depend on you, the overall condition of both cars, and what you are willing to spend to get the 6 the way you want it.
If hey says the engine has 68k on it, it might be a ZE swap. Get a picture of the engine for us and tell you if its been swapped over already.
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