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Ok I have an 03 v6. I have decided i don't want turbo. I need help.

so far im gonna get the new Probe Industries Pistons the calculations i did on displacement changes etc gave me about 15 whp. is this accurate?

Also I'm doin a level 10 tranny conversion to handle these beauties:

NOS. Can i do a two stage with the beefed up tranny and pistons? like a 50 shot and a 100 shot?

what other things can I do to get all outta my non turbo engine?

port and polish and stuff i dunno alot about please help me. Also what kinda ignition upgrade and fuel delivery upgrades do i need?

Im doin aluminum underpulleys, lightened flywheel, and stuff.

So please what all is there to do

What is the max na horsepower i can get b4 nos?
thanks for helps
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