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need a gas tank for 1g mx-6 4WS

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Anyone got a gas tank and gas tank strap for a 4WS. Mines leaking something fierce and I have to cut the strap off cause some shmuck welded the strap bolt to the strap. grrrrr
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Good luck:lol:

I had to drive 4 hours just to get my replacement one, and it still leaks at the seam (Better than mine though, as mine leaked from the BOTTOM:()

Mazda can no longer order these either. None of the OEM replacement companies have 4WS-compatible ones either.

Try a local scrapyard maybe? I know here in my area the bastards punch holes in the bottom of the tank to remove the gas before putting them in the yard, but maybe yours wouldnt? lists one in Idaho and one in NYC as being the only 2 in the country. You could look them up and see if either ships to Canada though?

I know they used to have another listed in UT, but thats gone now...
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I have one laying around for about a year now for a 4ws i need to see if its good. Check here this is a 4ws eBay Motors: 88 89 90 91 92 Mazda MX6 626 Ford Probe Parts Turbo GT (item 140271126370 end time Oct-08-08 08:47:55 PDT)

thats my listing...but im not selling any of teh 4ws stuff...good luck finding one defiler said, they are pretty hard to come by...
I'm in need of one bad. If you could check Keeloh how it is and get back to me, that would be great. Thanks everyone for your replies.
Is there no way to repair the gas tanks? There has to be a way to re-weld or braze in some metal if its just pin-holes....I have heard of people filling flammable tanks with inert gas before welding so they dont explode, so I am faily confidente they could be repaired...
Sure they can be welded. Its just that not a whole lot of welders like to do so.

Just fill it with water and then weld it. Just make sure afterwards to drain all of the water out of the tank.:shrug:
I know rad shops and such will weld or "if it's bad enough" put a new liner inside the gas tank but the problem is that I need this car to get to and from college and work and who knows how long the shop will have the tank for. I can't really afford to part with it for even a couple days. That's why I'm on here looking for a good used one.
^^And thats why I never got mine fixed, because I couldnt wait a week or 2 for it to get fixed and be out of my car:shrug:

really, unless one of those places on can ship to you, you're pretty much SOL on getting a new one.
Im sure there is someone in your family with a second car thats not used daily that Im sure would let you borrow it long enough for you to get yours fixed teh right way...I mean, we are talking GASOLINE here, really should fix the problem.....
Considering gas is so expensive as well as the environment. Yeah I do need to fix it soon. But first off, I gotta cut the gas tank strap off cause someone welded the strap bolt to the strap. So I'd need to find a new one to which they don't make anymore. I can't find one anywhere. I need to find a new, or used, or someone who could make one for me. So before I take my tank in to get it fixed, I need to find a strap first. That's why I figured I'd post on here to see if anyone had a tank/strap.
I havent taken my 2ws one off yet, but it looks very simalr to the 4ws one...if its not the same....even if it is slightly differant, im fairly sure it wouldnt take much to make it work...
I am pretty sure the strap is the exact same or could easily be made to work.
I have been informed (by defiler) are the same....he said he only paid ~$15 for his, and they are still avalible through Mazda...
Found out today that the straps are indeed differant.

You could make a 2ws one work, you will just have to massage it a little....
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Just to come back and add input, the straps are the same. Mazda only lists 1 part number for the strap, which for every other part they list a seperate # if it's 4ws-specific. I ordered the standard (only) one and it fit perfectly.
Just to come back and add input, the straps are the same. Mazda only lists 1 part number for the strap, which for every other part they list a seperate # if it's 4ws-specific. I ordered the standard (only) one and it fit perfectly.
Did it come pre bent like that? THey are both the same length, just different bends
Thats the only thing I can think of, because the one I bought and the one that came off the 4ws were identical.:shrug:
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