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Need brighter lights!

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Ok SO I just finished installing some cheapo walmart hyper whit fog lights and DAMN!!! those things are bright! They are much brighter than my fog lights and my headlights. They arent HID they are just standard 55 watt lights. I have tried many headlights from semi expensive Xeon bulbs to ebay HID simulation bulbs and nothing has been brighter than my current sylvania silverstar lights. But these fogs make my headlights look dim and yellow. I have even cleaned and polished the lenses. The stock fog lights are just pathetic. I think it might have something to do with the H3 style bulb in the walmart lights.

What has everyone else done? Can you retro fit H3 bulbs in our lights to get rid of the 9004's?
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what brand and type of bulbs are those aftermarket fogs? They would look sweet with my Audi healdights and HID system! let me know the brand, wattage, and model!

oh yeah and for your question! I bought my Audi headlights for $200 with the HID system and Ds2 bulbs and custom made them to fit the stock headlight housing and GTS lens. Not completely done yet but they are all Hella brand projectors and housing and my projection fogs are Hella too but want more HID looking bulbs
hmm $200 is pretty good. DO you have any pics? Did you have to do any major exterior body work to get them to fit?
I dont have the box or the name of the lights. Go to walmart, every walmart I have been to has them they are hyper white something or another and have blue lenses in a silver casing.
If you wanna spend another $50, you can go back to Wal-Mart or to a auto place like Kragen or Autozone and get the Sylvania Silverstars for your headlight bulbs. They're almost as bright as HIDS, so I have heard; mine are great, except I need to change the blinker and fog light bulbs now (like you), cuz they look all orange. oh well.
MX-6autox>>> He already has the silver stars in that picture above..

B4tn>>> i dont have any pics yet cuz im not done but im making them fit the original OEM pods so no cutting of the body will be required. Go on ebay anmd search for Audi A4/A6 headlights with HID
oh, my bad, I thought he only had them for the foglights, not the headlights. :D
JDMs? I believe Cal has a set installed on his 6.
ephwang said:
JDMs? I believe Cal has a set installed on his 6.
I would almost give my left nut for a set of those :D but I cant talk my wife into paying $500 for headlights :lol:
Over in the Bulk Buy, they are now going for $345.
I always hear people talk about stock fog lights on the MX6... I've even got a fog light button on my dash... but I've got no fog lights! It's a 94 LS ATX... can I just get fog lights and plug 'em in somewhere to connect to that switch, or what?
yes, the wiring should be in place behind the dashboard. connect the wiring from a set of aftermarket foglights to the battery and existing wiring from the factory and you are all set.
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