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Hello again,

I posted on monday about my 96 626 that is stuck in 3rd gear or "limp mode"

I have yet to check the range sensor but I have developed a plan to diagnose the ATX in case it is not the range sensor. I was hopeing you guys could give it the once over and maybe help me out with some info i need to make this work, as i am very green when it comes to automatics in general.

Let me start by saying that i suspect that either the ECU is keeping the ATX in 3rd gear for some reason or i have a stuck shift solenoid. My first question is whether the ECU gets feedback from the solenoids. In other words, can the ECU detect when a solenoid is stuck and throw the appropriate code? My second question is, where is the harness connection that has the power leads that go to the solenoids? Does anyone have information on the pinout of the connector? I need to know which pin in the connector powers which solenoid. I would like to look at the voltages on the individual solenoid driver lines with the car in gear so i can tell which solenoid the computer is activating. That will tell me if the ECU is really forceing the ATX into 3rd gear or if it is a mechanical problem.

If it turns out that the ECU is actually doing the right thing, i will need to figure out which solenoid is stuck. To do that i plan to power each solenoid individually with the car off, by jumping power from the battery directly to the connector. I am hoping that i will be able to hear them click inside the valve body when i switch them on and off. Has anyone ever tried this?

If i figure out that the 3rd gear solenoid is stuck on (mechanically stuck) i was thinking that i might try to manually turn on the 1st gear solenoid and then start the car and put it into drive to see if 1st gear works or if i smoked the band or the clutch. Does anyone have any idea what happens when the ATX is put into gear with both the 1st and 3rd gear solenoids in the on position?

Sorry for the long post but i really love this car and i would hate to have to trash it.....thanks for the help.

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I only have details for the Mazda tranny.. and the codes do say which solenoid is faulty. but only for open/short circuit..

Other sensors are speed, temp and pressure..

As for your problem..

Speed sensor fault
Pulse generator fault
Stuck or worn solenoids
Stuck or worn control valve
Hold switch malfunction
ATF low
Poor Ground.

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