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need headlights!!!!

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I need to buy E-spec headlights - need right more than left.
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i believe there is a set on ebay
no there isn't ... I searched...
so anyone know where to get one?
that is in England - the wheel is on right side ... so it doesn't fit ... sooo ... as I said ... I need E-spec ... from europe but not England or other cars that have steering wheel on right side ... PLEEEASE HELP
The E-Spec lights are the glass ones.
They will fit just the same as the J-Spec one piece lights.

The A-Specs are the platic ones, without a projector, that usually fog up, get discolored, cloudy, and what we Americans are accustomed to.

All E-Specs look like what he just sent you. They are glass. I've seen left hand drive European MX-6's with those lights, cause well, they're European.

What light do you want? The glass, plastic, or the one piece light?
Man see what happens when you try to help?!? for 30 bucks usd i think thats a pretty good deal.
i need glass one ... but right hand drive have different light angle - and I have to go to tehnical survey (once a year) in December and they say I need Euro type left hand drive.
Many thanks for help, I really appreciate it. But I still need left hand drive.
Maybe I can manage to trick them in that check?
there is a guy i know who is selling e specs from canada msg me if intrested cheers~
I found in junkyard right one ... so I don't need it anymore - thanks for help everyone ...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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