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Need help getting my hands on OEM suspension Parts

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Like the title says I am screwed! I am almost ready to drop in my motor and my rear disk brake spindles are SNAFU!

A little history:

I got these spindles from a Non ABS Rear Disk Brake Mazda 626 not sure on the year, they were from a junkyard in Atlantic Canada (Atlantic Ocean = rusted to hell).

So I get the spindles sand blasted, because they were rusty as hell. They came out looking amazing, but the Long Bolt that connects the front and back Lateral Link's together is Rusted into the spindle and to make matters worse the bolt in the left side spindle is bent because that is where the car I got the spindle from was hit.

So I highlighted the parts list off of the Ford Parts Computer of what I need, I am going to have to have the old bolt's machined out of the spindle. I already tried with a 20 tonne press and a 5lb sledge hammer all it did was squish the threads down about 1/4"

I highlighted the parts and underlined the parts numbers on the page. (I love Photoshop)

If anyone knows where I can purchase these parts and a heat shield as well as a Lock nut for the wheel bearing/hub for disk brakes in good shape I would be in your debt!
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if you want i can order these parts from mazda i work there =)~
I would indeed please PM me with a price when you get it. Thx

I just refuse to deal with the mazda dealership in town I am thoroughly not impressed with them.
i will PM price but i will not order anything without being paid because if you dont want them & the parts are under 10 bucks i cant return them back 2 mazda canada so i'm suck with them.. so remember there is a tax + shipping 2 NB
What is sales tax in Ontario, its 13% here which is stupid.
^ same tax 13% i wasn't too sure if your taxes in NB was the same but i guess it is here ~
I miss AB 5% tax lol
Here is what I am dealing with:

I plan on cutting off the bolt where I have put the red lines.

This is the opposite side:

Here is a close up of what the 20 tonne press and ball peen hammer did.

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Do u want spindles off my 94 probe? when i part with it?
I just got the bolts out of my spindles what a nightmare. I used a grinder to cut the old ends off (I only knicked the knuckles in a few places) and beat them out with a punch and hammer, I mushroomed the Face and Head of the punch lol. These Spindles must be Forged Steel, there is no way I would not have broken the hell out of them. How much for your spindles? Are the dust shields and bearings good? The Trailing links/link bushings are not sezied to the bolt and the bolt can be removed?

I am going to need something by friday thats when my insurance starts, so I have to have the car together and inspected by them lol.
well i can take some pics for you & you can be the judge for yourself.. i haven't really looked under there all i remember seeing AWR rear sway bar & nissian end links =) those are mine when they come off =) haha..
well i can take some pics for you & you can be the judge for yourself.. i haven't really looked under there all i remember seeing AWR rear sway bar & nissian end links =) those are mine when they come off =) haha..
I already have an Addco 21MM and Moog Nissan Endlinks with the life time warrenty :) (they are going do dislike me if I can get enough G-force in a turn to break them)

Getting to this point only required I smash my hand 4 times with a hammer as it skipped off of the 1/4" Drive Punch.

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awsome so you dont need the spindles anymore jsut need the screws?
Yeah just the bolts and nuts and (shims?) Can you see if you can get a price on the Bearing Lock nuts and Dust Caps as well? If you can get heat shields that would be awesome so long as I can afford them.
well these prices will be from mazda i can check tommorrow @ work hopfully mazda canada still carries the heat shield if they haven't disc. them the heat shield is broken into 3 different pieces witch part do you want the whole thing?
All I have are those spindles and new hubs with bearings, Mazda 6 brake calipers (with pads and brake lines) and Mazda 6 rotors.
i was talking about the exhaust shields =) but anyways it's 40 including tax 4 the 1 bolt 2 washers & the nut now i gotta find out shipping not sure how much i dont see it being that much 2 ship all four items cheers let me know btw the part #'s you gave are all FORD part numbers i had 2 look on emate myself from mazda haha oh well but it's done PM your addy & i can find you a qoute 2 NB cheers ~
Payment sent, if you can find a few good dust caps to throw in the box I would really appreciate it.
payment recieved ty for the fast payment they are already ordered should be here tommorrow or the next day will ship asoon everything comes in. ordered brand new bleeder caps =) we dont have them stocked so i just ordered a couple for you~
Cool thx for the bleeder caps, but I meant the 2-1/32" Dust Cap that goes on the wheel bearing. I am having trouble finding new lock nuts for the wheel bearings as well. Would it be ok to re-use the old lock nuts? Will the bearing dust caps from rear drum brake hub fit in the hubs for disk brakes?
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