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okay guys, I have a small problem. Recently my stock air intake and filter were damaged. I was looking to get a new CAI but unfortunately Idont have $150 right before christmas.
I got a Honda civic 4 cyl. CAI from this kid and figured that it would work until I can afford the right one. Well, I made it fit and it looks fine but the car wont run right. these are the situations:
1) If I hook up the sensor on the stock MAF without being connected to the engine, it dies.
2) If I turn the car on with nothing connected to the TB, it runs fine but you can hear it struggling for air.
3) If I connect the civic intake, I sounds awful, it shakes and stutters real bad.

I dont know what to do. Can anybody give me some info on how to get this civic intake working (hopefully tonight)

Thanks guys.


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There's very few things to worry about in setting up a CAI for your car.

Assuming you have the V6 engine, (It says you do in your sig), it's pretty simple.

The rubber elbow between the IM and VAF can be left alone. The VAF should be left in place and plugged in. Attached to the VAF should be the CAI and cone air filter attached to that. There's a vacuum line that should attach to the IM underneath the TB and it's other end needs to be attached to the CAI before the VAF. Any other holes in the CAI should be plugged. If all this is done and there are no leaks there should be no issues with the car running unless there is something else amiss.
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