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ok, i have my front end lowered with the clamps. about a 1" drop for $20. and i want to do it professionally. which lowering springs will give me the max drop for a good price. and much does it cost to buy the lowering springs??? any help is appreciated guys.

Lowering you car...

Alright Black Beauty, if you want awesome springs, you need to get Ground Control Coilovers. It will give you the drop like you want it, and the coilovers are also adjustable. They arent cheap though, you are going to have to pay more than $20.....Lets just say $380 more of what you did to lower your front. Yep, they are about $400, but I promise is worth it. My car is about 3" off the ground from the mudflap. Hopefully this will help you a little. Oh yeah, look into the bulk buy thread, I am sure that there is something like, "ground control coilovers bulk buy"......peace.
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