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Need Megasquirt spark help.

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So the engine turned over but i'm having spark issues. The car sometimes starts (after much cranking) and when it does it dies after like 10 sec. my mechanic has little to no megasquirt knowledge. What do i need to input into megatune?
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I take it this is a new installation. First, check things with a timing light and make sure your spark is happening when MegaTune says it is. If it isn't, adjust the trigger angle setting and get that fixed. After that, you'll need to adjust the cranking pulse widths to get the engine to catch - even if it dies in a few seconds. Once it's at that point, put in some temporary settings for afterstart enrichment, nurse it along till you can get the engine to warm up, and dial in the VE table at idle with the engine hot. You'll fill in permanent values for the ASE and warm up enrichment settings on later cold starts.
I am going to go ahead and just presume you got a MSQ from someone? If so you should for the most part be able to skip over all of what Matt has said, granted its good information if you are starting from scratch, but you should be able to find an msq to at least get it started.

How have you determined that it is for sure a spark issue?

You might have flooded it. Let it sit for an hour and try again.

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Sounds like it could be lean. Try increasing your 'Required Fuel' setting by 20% at a time.

Also check the timing with a timing light to see if you are anywhere near 10 Deg BTDC while cranking.
I dont think thats the best idea you shouldnt have to increase req_fuel. His megatune would tell him if hes running lean.

Did you ever solve this problem?
It depends - when starting, reading the plugs can be a more useful indicator if you are too lean than a wideband, since the wideband often is not warmed up.
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