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need parts

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if any one has any extra parts or old mods they would like to sell for not to much i would prolly be interestered. i need a driver side fender bad. and prolly interested in other stuff
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First post in the WTB section.

Second this is about as general as you can get man.

Tell you what buy my automatic starter, AC line, and AC Bracket, plus I have 3 extra alternator brackets now and a box full of bolts.

You need to be more clear in what you are looking for.

Edit: Didnt mean that to come off rude, just a tip.
i couldnt find any where else that would let me post or i would have. im opend to what ever ppl have if someone has somethin interesting we can work on a deal. but the main thing im lookin for is a fender
I have a driver side fender for sale if you want it...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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