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need some help with fiberglass work

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Okay the thing is i bought a s14 spoiler for my car several months ago, lost my job and now have money again but have no clue how to get it on and fix it.

the spoiler looks similar to the mazdaspeed spoiler and thats why i purchased it, but the spoiler is slighty wider than the trunk about 2" or maybe a bit more. my friend at work works for a bodyshop and he said he would do it but doesnt know how, can anybody get me a rough idea or does anybody know of a how to with pics or something?

thanks for the help.
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Uhh... measure and cut it in half and fiberglass it back together:tup:

Not trying to be funny or anything:shrug:
Yep, mark the center, measure an inch on each side, and cut 2" out of the middle. Make a jig to hold them in place while you fiberglass it back together.,
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