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Need some input

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A few weeks ago my car started running shitty. It would run fine (other than a miss at idle) then out of no were the CEL would pop on and it would idle like shit.

So I threw on my spare dizzy to see if that helped. It was running great and got rid of my minor misfire at idle. Drove it for a solid hour yestarday, boosting great pulling hard, when boom CEL on and won't idle.

I get it back home and ground the test wire to pull my codes and as usual every time this happens I can't pull my codes. So I walked away for 10 minutes came back turn the ignition and the computer finally decided to give me codes, they were 1,3,4 again. I pulled the ground wire and started the car expecting it to run like shit still. Started right up and ran like normal.

So what do you guys think? Try another dizzy, ecu? Heres what I have
done so far.

Removed/Inspected all pipping for leaks
Cap/Rotor/Wires/Plugs/Spare dizzy
Compression Check with exactly 150psi in each cylinder

I'm gonna be picking up another dizzy by the end of this week and hoping it fixes the problems. Not sure what else it could be other than the ECU..
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have you checked the coil? its unlikely but at least its a little more likely than the ecu going bad... other than that run to the JY and get an ecu and test it out.
after two ecu's (my 2nd one did this) id blame that. if not check other things too like the igniter.
I still have a spair coil on my parts car I can throw that on. I will never find a ECU in my local junkyard. There hasn't been a 1g GT there in a few years. Could this have anything to do with my chip? Should I pull it and go over all the pins and solder? Thanks for the assistance guys, its greatly appreciated.
Errr this little problem is becoming quite irritating. I went out after my first initial post this morning and started the car, let it run for a solid 20-30 minutes and it ran perfect.

I also looked through 30 pages of old threads here and 15 or so pages of old threads on PP. I don't think I found one thread were someone was throwing1,3,and 4. Plenty of threads with just code 1 or just codes 3 and 4.
well i have an 88-89 ecu for sale if you want one to swap and test with i suppose.
His is a GenB though. That ECU wont work.
His is a GenB though. That ECU wont work.

I looked on car-parts and theres a few in my area so ill give them an email.

Thanks for the input, open for all sugestions at this point.
Yeah, if I had a guess, it would be the ECU.
In addition to what has already been suggested, maybe your O2 sensor or wire is shot.
In addition to what has already been suggested, maybe your O2 sensor or wire is shot.
I nocked it loose while working on it and it threw a code. Snapped it back togther and was good to go. I don't think its the o2 but ill give it a try.
Still having this issue. I really think its the ECU. The car will run great, pull hard, and then boom CEL and run like shit. Get it home ground the wire, and I get no codes. I walk away for 10 minutes come back turn the key on and boom I get 1 code 42. I just don't understand, it should atleast be throwing me code 42 eveytime. Everytime this happens I can't pull the codes. Let it sit and I can get them. It has to be the ECU.
Or bad ECU grounds...
Or bad ECU grounds...
Are these located threw out the engine bay?
yes they are. Their might be one or two behind the dash as well.
i still say ecu is [shizzle].
Ditto. Otherwise you shouldn't have problems pulling the codes, right?
Ditto. Otherwise you shouldn't have problems pulling the codes, right?
Ya thats what I think also. Its just tough because it happens when it wants. Sometimes it will happen twice a day sometimes it wont happen at all. I threw my stock chip in to see if that has any effect and so far it hasn't messed up and I drove quite a bit yestarday. Next will be finding a computer. Thanks for the input guys.
i know when my ecu gave out, it would only pull codes 50% of the time. it would always throw codes 1-4 for no reason either.
Stock chip and two days down and it hasn't happened since. I would find it hard to believe if it was the chip but who knows.
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