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needed: PGT/MX6 stock parts

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19054 is the shipping ZIP.
This is all to fit a 94PGT but parts can come from others.

battery tray

center console (the part that bolts to the floor) - mine has the two screw holes that go up by the radio broken, I need a PERFECT one

two screws that hold the center glovebox down to said center console...the two long phillips in the center...these must come from a 95+ model, the real long ones.

front bumper piece from a PGT...the upper section that rivets to the front bumper and goes across, under the headlights

knock sensor connector - on the end of the sensor itself, just need two or so inches of wire

center glove box lid - mine has minor imperfections, looking for a perfect one

shifter knob - stock - mazda or ford, something OEM, don't care off what vehicle, nothing cheezy aftermarket

both fog light brackets for a PGT

stock shifter boot - mine is torn, need a perfect one
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bumpety bumpety bump
I might still have my stock battery tray and i can get you that KS connector
Let me know. Shipped prices.
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