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New CAI addition plus car photos

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Hello everyone,
I purchased a new CAI setup a few weeks ago and i thought this was a good excuse for me to post some photos of my car since it's been a while...
The setup basically includes a pod enclosed inside a carbon fibre airbox with a hose running around the battery to the front of the car.
All up it only took about 15 mins to install.
The bottom end to midrange was instantly improved but the car's also been slightly thirstier as it's gone up by 1L/100kms to 9.8L/100kms in total.
I have the 15's on it at the moment cause I need new tyres for the 16's and one of the rims need to be repaired.
Let me know what you guys think.

The rear is still pretty rough, but i temporarily put the infini badge on the bootlid to see how it looks ..

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Looks good, but I'd ditch the infinity emblem on the left side of the trunk.
Sick guy...your car is hella gangster. Very clean 1G. Im lovin the mesh. Also, is that an FE3? I could eat off of that motor. I dont know what 1G mx6s come with in the land down under. Ive heard good things about the FE3:)
Looks good, but I'd ditch the infinity emblem on the left side of the trunk.
X2, it looks like one of those breast cancer awareness ribbons that faded.

The car looks great though. :tup:
Looks good and keep the infini sign i dont think these guys know much about its rareness....
I know that it's rare as hell but I also know it would look good anywhere but where it is. :shrug:
Thanks for the comments guys...

The infini badge isn't on the boot at the moment becuase i'm going to get the car resprayed sometime in the future.
I just put it on temporarily to see how it would look.

Personally I like it and it does look better in reality when compared to the photos, but i do admit it is a little overkill considering that the BBS caps have the infini logo as well as the steering wheel horn button.
I would like the keep the logo on because as max 626 stated, it is rare and it's one step closer to having the car in it's original condition.

Weaksauce: yeah it's an FE3 but and they didn't come out here, I imported the car from NZ but it's originally from Japan.
Engine bay is cleeeeeeeaaann

And lol at 'boot lid' :p
I'm liking the fog lights tucked in the front bumper. Looks real clean! :tup:
oh yeh sorry guys... I always forget that you all call it 'Trunk'!
I think Im going to start calling it a boot from now on :) I always get hell for saying soda. People from MN say pop.

But yeah man your car is ultra sexy. Only thing that could improve would be to hide that muffler a little bit more. Not a big fan of the flex tube but if it benefits the intake temps then sure :tup:
Yeah I gave people shit in AZ when I was down there.... always telling them "ITS POP YOU BASS ACKWARD SOB'S!!!! ARAGAHA!":jump:

Soda is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
Looks good I love the FE3 and the rims.
soda??? pop????
i've never heard of these before being referred to anything relating to a car!!
it's funny how different terms can be used for certain things just because people are different locations.
I wasn't a fan of the hose at first either but it doesn't look so bad in real life. I still wouldn't mine using a metal pipe instead and connecting it to the airbox with a rubber 90 degree V hose and some clamps.
The metal ones sound nice, but are a major hassle if you ever need to do any work on the engine bay. The tubing like you have is easy to maneuver, easy to remove, and also lightweight.:tup:
yeh i think i'll keep the tubing. I just changed the battery and did a check on the earth wire and i would hate to imagine how much more difficult it would've been with metal pipes.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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