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new clutch problems

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im having a lil trouble with a clutch i just installed. while running the car will not go into gear at all. when the car is off no problem going in to gear . so far i have put on a new slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder and the problem continues ... im trying to check every thing i can before i give up and pull the tranny again any thing im missing?
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bleeding the system to hell didn't help. new clutch is an ACT one from this specific kit I think: Z62-HDSS
i'm pretty sure you don't need the clutch if the engine is off (ie not rotating) so it would seem that your clutch isn't engaging sounds like something must have gone wrong along the install

when the cars off you dont even gotta push the clutch to put it in gear... so i doubt that means anything.
just thought i would mention it. every thing with the install went good not the first clutch job i've done, just the first one that didnt come out right from what i gather from searching is the t.o.b is prolly whats causing the problem
Yeah the TOB did look at little strange comparied to the one I just installed in my car.
A lot of people have had problems with the throw out bearings that come with these kits. I would get a Mazda one if you do end up taking off the tranny again.

Is your shift fork being pushed by the slave cylinder? If so, compare how far it pushes with another mx6.
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Yeah we had it pushing and we even made a spacer for it. The next day, when i wasnt there they said moving the fork with a crowbar allowed it to shift, correct?

I found it strange how tight the clutch pedal was compared to my car.
Yeah, using a crowbar to move that suck all the way to the other side allowed the shifter to go into gear. The piston coming out of the slave wasn't moving the fork enough. NEW slave cylinder and known working master cylinder from another car and a new stainless steel braided clutch line. no leaks inside or out.

Yeah we had it pushing and we even made a spacer for it. The next day, when i wasnt there they said moving the fork with a crowbar allowed it to shift, correct?

I found it strange how tight the clutch pedal was compared to my car.
The tob is probably the issue. I read about the same issue on pt a little while ago. Anytime you have to use a spacer, you know it's the tob. Did you guys open the clutch hydraulics at all before starting the trouble shooting, or only after the install was done and it wasn't shifting properly?
klze swap was done, then bled the clutch as we replaced the clutch line with a stainless steel one. engine started up, was about to pull out of the garage when oops, won't go into gear. next day, changed a new slave cylinder = same problem. waited for a master cylinder to arrive, changed that = still same problem. used a pry bar to push the fork out enough to see if it would go into gear and sure enough it would go into gear using the prybar.
gonna pull the tranny the rest of the way out today and replace the tob with a oem piece
tranny is out the tob looks the same as the old oem one so im not sure if it is the problem any more...

While they do both look the same, they dont look like the one I just got from Mazda. Not that it really helps much since the old one was working.
aj thinks the old tob from my car wasn't oem to begin with. he replaced his with an oem one and he said that one looks different. i don't get it anymore. only other thing i can think of is maybe that rr-racing shifter linkage bushing that i put on.... that wouldn't screw things up like this would it?
I dont think it would be that because when you pushed hard enough it would try and grind.
omg, what if it's something as simple as adjusting the play on the clutch itself? just coming up with random ideas now... if it were something as simple as that.... doh
:lol: Ha Ha Ha i had the same thing happen to me i did every thing i could think including bleeding about 2L of fluid through the lines and nothing worked i wish i had seen this thread earlyer and saved you some hassle
Lambera mentioned before that the clutch pedal was 'tighter' than his car...does that mean it is hard to push down? Enough to think that something is wrong?

Either way, since you have the transmission off now, I would put a Mazda tob in there just to rule it out as a problem.
does this mean i have something wrong with the clutch? like maybe the pressure plate is crap or something?
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