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The mx6 will officially retire as the daily to become weekend warrior.

Picked it up yesterday for $100. Car has as full tank of fuel, and $25 worth of lead substitute. Really, the car was free. The previous owner bought this car back in 1981, brand new from the Toyota dealership. Car has been serviced and repaired with log books + reciepts for the last 20 years at a local mecahnic, the 7 years before that at the Toyota dealership. He showed me receipts dating back to like 1983, as well as reciepts of when he bought the car and the new car warranty stuff. Crazy :).

1981 Toyota Corona Wagon, manual rwd.

With headlight covers (have since taken them off and looks way better, should be allright yer?

Interior is immaculate and everything works. I would say, as new even though it is 27 years old :).

Still has the new car warranty papers and all workshop manuals etc

It even came with a "An introduction to your new Toyota" cassette that still works!!

The car is mechanically perfect except for a 10 cm crack in the firewall that makes it grind reverse that I will be welding up probably next weekend. Small rust bits that need fixing up too, but nothing major, just surface. Drives beautiful and has a tow bar, I dont know what towing capacity is though, doesnt say it anywhere. The car weighs 1150kg and is a 1.9L four.
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That thing is ugly, but it looks to be in great shape, and I'm sure it'll last forever. How many km's on it? Is that white vinyl door panels?
omg i love it.... wana sell? ill double ur proffits
that thing is ugly as hell but at least you dont have to worry about not having something to drive when your 6 breaks.

So when you say everything works does the ac still work too?
Nar AC is broken I forgot to mention, but I am going to get it fixed as it is summer now almost :).

1890000 original Km's, all service work and log books recorded :). I think it looks great :D
omg i love it.... wana sell? ill double ur proffits
I think you've posted in every topic in every forum by now, lol...

And I guess it's a good daily, haha. Not a true fan, but it looks to be in great shape, so nice job. :tup:
that is so fucking awesome!
Lol it has less Km's than the 6 and now you don't have an excuse not to keep the 6 clean :p i was thinking of getting a beater but now it's summer i can ride my motorbike and the rego and insurance on 2 cars and a bike would be a bit much. Those old girls are very strong, we had one for a bush basher and it took a lot of abuse and i mean A LOT, had it one it's roof many times and i think it's still going after 3-4 years
1890000 original Km's, all service work and log books recorded :). I think it looks great :D
Damn, almost 2 million kms? That's crazy dude! :angel:
Love It!
That is awesome for $100.
Damn, almost 2 million kms? That's crazy dude! :angel:
And STILL going strong! :D.

Cheers fellas, I knew I had a great find and despite being quite broke, decided to buy it before some one else did, or worse he gave it to the junkyard.
Clean, that thing is a vintage car. Stay away from Japanese Nostalgic Car - Index forum unless you want to get obsessed.
Im already considering swapping the donk in there. It is a GM :V
Some 2 Litre toyota carbie of the era that bolts right in (maybe celica engine, i used to have a 1983 celica for a while that was a beauty to drive) would be better on fuel and have more balls.
Dude, your driveway is amazing, get that thing off it :lol: j/k

Its always fun to ride around in an ol' hooptie. :)
Dude, you need a new forum :, they'll truly love it there ;-)

Very sweet car man, lovely condition, don't destroy it will you??!!!

What it needs is an LSD and modern engine! :)


I like it:tup: My dad had one of these back in the early 90's and I was incredible emabarassed to ride in it..

It had 320,000 miles when he sold it:tup:
Hmmm light alloy v6 ay??? Sorry nothing comes to mind :). Well when I build the ZE up I will have a great engine in a backwards FWD car, and a rwd car with a brick of an engine...

For now, the 1.9L commonwhore donk will do though :).
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