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New Exhaust Sound

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Ok dudes, I finally made a clip, here it is.

YouTube - Exhaust (camera's too close)

I need a new muffler though, that magnaflow deadens the sound too much, it's not throaty enough.

So let me know what you all think.
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Whats that suppose to mean?
i love my magnaflow! i dunno about it being any louder....
Everyones saying it sounds like a honda, it's getting annoying so I'm gonna either ditch the crappy magnaflow or the resonator, if I got rid of the resonator it won't be too loud will it? I just don't want a lot of in cabin drone because it can be a major headache.

So what do you guys think, scratch the magnaflow or resonator?
change it, it sounds vtec till it hits 6000rpm
you definately do not want to lose the resonator if you are worried about it being too loud! This may be the only non-sarcastic post in this thread
Hmm I dont know its hard for cameras to capture real good sound. I like that the way it is to be honest. :shrug:
Thanks for the support guys *wimper* lol, I have no idea what it is, my buddy said it may be because there is so much flow from the headers and the flow hits a bottle neck at the magnaflow muffler, it's not a straight through muffler, the inlet pipe starts on the left and comes out on the right, so it makes an S through the casing.

So maybe I just need a straight through, I hate those fart cans though, any ideas?
i perosnally like it...
loud enough to hear... not to high pitch... and best of all its not a fart can..

if i ever do my exhaust my optimal sound would be that of an infinity g35 coupe... quite but when u want to be heard you can be...

but i like it.
It's very hard to get a good idea of what a car sounds like with a camera, the vid of mine dont sound anything like it does in real life, keep the resinator for sure or it will sound like a honda, If you are un happy with it change the muffler but don't put a cannon on or it will be worse again
Ya that's true, it sounds a lot deeper in person, I think it just needs a bit more of a growl when letting off the gas, and while driving at low speeds too. It's almost too smooth that's why it comes off as 'soft'. It's definitely not raspy, it should just be throatier for what's been done you know what I mean? It sounds as if I've just slapped a muffler on there.

But ya thanks again guys, I'll try and figure something out, I might even drive up to the muffler shop and ask their opinion....which then means them talking me into buying their signature crap muffler.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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