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Hey everyone, i'm a long time member first time race-forum-poster so i won't waster your time/space on bs and get straight to it...
Last night i was coming home with friends from the city driving my friend's 94 Infinity G20, its been a long day and we're all dozing off staring blankly. Ten minutes into the freeway driving brand new Golf GTI with a couple of punks pulls up next to me attracted by the howling exhaust and starts going back and forth throwing glances my way. my friends are like what the hell, see what this piece of machinery can do... couple of seconds later when there was nobody ahead of us i step on it and so does he. The infinity's got the headers, exhaust, K&N and from all i know, which is not much, some kinda fuel pressure regulator under the hood - the only ****ty thing is that its atx:( the car is pathetic on the low rpm, but above 4 it rips noticeably better. Anyways, at first i notice that VW pulls away a little, getting c/l on me when i'm at the bottom of third, but once i get higher up around 90mph i'm already 2 c/ls ahead and going, so they stopped racing when they saw it was a bad joke:D. Now i know that i'll have no trouble getting away from the infinity even on my 4 banger with some mods, but i thought the new GTI was much tougher of a cookie, i know it wasn't a VR6, prolly 1.8 with no turbo (i only saw "GTI" badge), but still i felt kinda confused being sure he would beat me - i had 3 people in the car with auto on my hands :shrug:
Would really appreciate your comments
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