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new guy

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hey guys wassup . new to the site . but not new to modding cars . before i bought my mx-6 m . i had a zx2 escort that was modded . i have been away from the scene for awhile . i have been 2 clubs . but they no longer anymore . so since i bought my mx-6 . i have been itching to mod it . hopefully i could get alittle help ,an what not .
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Welcome to the forums man, do you have the m-edition?

There is a huge amount of modding info on here that should help you decide where to start. If you need to know anything, search the forums first, and if you can't find anything post a new thread with your questions.
yes sir . i`ve been totally impressed by it to . i`m just alittle confused about the car though ..with the different classes with the car aspec,espec ,an what not . i could be wrong . but mine would fall into the aspec right ?,or would it fall into something else?
The M-edition is pretty hard to come by. You already have a few rare parts that other people are always looking for. The m-edition has all red tail lights, stainless steel door sills, gold wheels, and m-edition stitched into the leather seats.

If you live in the USA you have an ASPEC/USDM model. I made a thread illustrating the differences between the Mx6's from other countries. Check it out.

There are a LOT of pictures so it may take some time to load. It took me a while to make this thread.
sweet ...thanks man . i guess i got pretty lucky then .on getting the m edition mx-6.
Yes, the m-edition is a nice car I think you will enjoy it :)
few pics of my m edition

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That looks very nice. Be sure to keep her in good condition :)
oh i plan on it ,an i will probly boost her to .
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