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hi, howsit goin. just picked up a nice mx6 2.5li, lovely to drive really enjoying it, very quick.

few questions:

i looked underneath it over a pit, and noticed a fair bit of corrosion, only at the front, and the sump was quite rusty, with a slight dark patch, i presume the metal is wearing thin there, and ill need to replace it. Any ideas where i might source one of these in Scotland (aberdeen).

also i noticed that where the exhaust fit to the engine in various parts, they are corroded and rusting away, where would u suggest i find a replacement. again im not sure of the right name for the part of the exhaust, but it connects to a type of flexy pipe in the middle of the car.

i find the gear box slightly stiff, is this normal for an mx6? and when im slowing down in gear, it whines slightly, is that normal..

thanks for any of ur help
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