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Hey guys,
i've written a few other topics, concerns about the car i test drove. Which i'd like to say i just bought. I'm really excited and can't wait until the warmer months so i can get in on the car and fix her up. I've already kinda figured out there is a problem with the HLA's. I figured i need to put a lower viscosity oil in the car. you guys have recommended 5w-30, but i just went through the manual and it says that i should use 5w-30 unless the constant temperature is under 30. I live in Wisconsin. And for the winter months it would be a good idea to use that oil. but what about when summer comes?
Thanks so much for everything guys. With all the little quirks on the car, i'm sure i'll be talking to all of you in the future. Talk to you guys later.
- Glenn
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