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Hey ALL,
Just brought my 91 MX-6 GT Turbo, a couple of questions, if you don't mind.
1. How do I check for the "ChecK Engine" light ? Codes ?
2. About 80 under acceleration, she acts like the gas shuts off for a second then starts back again ?
3. How do you adjust the amount of boost ?
Thanks in advance for the help.


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Well, since no one else bothered, I'll go ahead and field this one.
As for codes, your best bet is to do a search, everyone has answered that question so many times, that their fingers are bruised from typing.
As for the shutoff, it only does it at 80? Or about the same rpm's in any gear?
As for the boost, the easiest and cheapest way is with a bleeder valve. Everyone here seems to use the grainger type. You can get one from Dawes Devices for like $25 - someone correct me if I'm wrong. I think the website is - again correct me if I'm wrong.
You'll need a boost gauge to turn the boost up safely. You can search through all kinds of different ones at
Max safe boost with stock fuel injectors and pump is 12 psi. If you have anymore questions about turning the boost up, try the 1st gen performance forum here and at
Congrats on the purchase of your 6, I'm sure you'll love it as much as we all love ours :)
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