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new owner..

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hey i will be picking up a 91 mx6 turbo from a friend for cheap....the only problem it smokes like no other from the exhaust...hes saying that its the cylinder head is bad but i was just getting a second opinion and what else could be wrong with it? thanks
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turbo could be bad. what color smoke and how much?
also, what does it smell like?
turbo sounds good to me too, i have had it happen to me twice....
i have that same problem i bought a 1989 mazda mx6 gt and its smokes white and smeels a lil sweet a bunch of people told me i need a new head gasket you might want to start there the turbo is fine on mine !
blue when idleing an white smoke when your on its alot of smoke
more than likely a wasted turbo. Take off the intake piping to the turbo and feel for shaft play. Do this when the car is off and cooled down :)
Do this when the car is off and cooled down :)
best advice i've heard all day.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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