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Hey guys, well as my subject says, I am new to sound systems, installs and so forth. Some guy wants to sell me 2 MTX Thunder 8000's in the enclosure for 400$ Canadian. It seems like a really good price because it comes with a 3 year guarantie (2006) but the only thing is I don't know much on sound system installs.

Many people tell me it can affect my battery, speakers in the car and so on so im not sure whether buying these subs will be worth it. I also need to purchase a amp since he doesn't have 1 for sell.

I have a 93 MX6 mystere LS if that helps ...

Any imput would be great,
Thanks again - Cliff

p.s. If this is a good buy, do you know any amp I may buy that would be best to go with these subs?

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yea your definatily gonna new a powerful amp and new speakers all around
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