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I've got a 93' v6 mx6, and I picked it up with 164km.
The car is in mint condition- leather-green and a few mark.
I've got a couple of questions that, I wonder it anyone out there has the same seem that the dealers are out of their minds, and don't have a clue.
When the car is cold and I let it warm up for a while--say 1min. I start to drive and as I shift from 1st to 2nd theres a grind I know the diff. between grinding gears but this doesn't seem to be that. Also when I drive for say 5km it all most goes away. I change the trans-fluid to synthetic and it seem to help.

When I took it to mazda they told me itwas the synchro and bearings.....the last thing I want is to let these monkeys touch the trani-

Does anyone have the same problem or knows anything about it?

ps I've had the car for 2 year and I love everything about it!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know much about the MTX but you should do a search in the main forum (2nd Maintanence) you should find an answer, or even post it over there, mikePGT (?) probably knows.

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i think i know

for example my 6, when first started from being cold, it would be very jerky and clumsy when shifting gears, but after a while it would go back to normal... I think all it is is the trani fluid warming up, because I think I read here that the density of the fluid changes as it warms up... I could be way off here, considering i dont claim to know a whole lot about this car stuffs

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