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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this forum, currently i have a 92-95 honda civic coupe, which im getting rid of in a few months, i have about £4000 to play with.

There are some obvious choices of cars i could buy, Supra (cant find an aerotop/turbo for 4k), skyline (getting to common), 3000gt/gto (really like this as its rare), mx-6 (again rare). i think that is about all i was considering.

Ok in the 3000gt/gto there is the fact its a twin turbo, has everything i want except targa roof. (oh and just thought a cool active spoiler like that on a porsche).

And then we come to the mx-6, which i had never evern thought about till i saw one the other day, in black with i think a bodykit (this could have been std.) i looked at it and though about it, so when i got home i did some looking a car sales sites (autotrader) and found i could get a 2.5 v6 gt spec for around £1500 - £2500, not sure it this is a good spec, as dont know much about the mx-6.

this is where i need your guys help, im no0t a complete novice i have been driving for some 9 yrs now, and i know how to tell a good car from a bad one, but is there anything i should look out for, should i look to see it it has extra things like top end hi-fi, are there any ltd editions etc.

also what in the way of mods is available, i have seen altezza tails but thats about it.

thank you

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Hi Ghost and welcome,

No UK limited editions, any major differences were due to customer requests at purchase. We have UK and japanese spec cars here now due to imports over time.. the E-Spec (167bhp) and the J-Spec (197bhp) v6 engines. Visual indications of a j-spec are all in one headlight assemblies, a brake light in the boot spoiler and electronic folding door mirrors. Under the hood, engine recognition can be made by the inlet manifold having a longer neck to the throttle body. although beware that the manifolds could well have been swapped. good ones are going for anywhere from £1000-2000, £2000 up for the excellent ones.
details and reviews can be found here .. plently to read there.

Well known problems are sticking/siezing rear brake calipers, faulty dizzy's on early models, earlier models have now started showing signs of rust on the top of the rear arches (seems a common place) , auto boxes can be troblesome and require some degree of tlc regarding fluids etc. thats all i can think of at the moment. If the engine has been well cared for and regulary serviced, they will run into the 200,000 + miles, mine currently has 152,000 on the clock and starts first time.
Mods, most are obtained from the states, there are a few suppliers in the UK for certain mod parts, but not many. drop into the UK regional forum and have a read, plently of answers in there.

Ok its not the fastest sports car out there, but you get a lot of car for the money, and there's not many about, unlike the usual ricer machines... all the best with your decision.


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