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Hi all,
My MX6 V6 (Y92) silver stock motor which ive only owned for
3 weeks has shown me what a great car mazda built, after trashing my Ford Escort Xr3i at 100mph on the motorway (i did manage to take out a renault Clio and a horse box with that one!! lol) anyway i decided to buy a jap motor after previously owning a 92 prelude i decided to try a mazda and
it wooped the 2000 prelude on speed, so any way the kills!
1 week after purchase I had a dive trip to go on which involved 800 miles of driving! most kills were on Motorways
with the other drivers bottling out at 120mph and watched my
waving hand as i continued at 140! these included a:-
AUDI TT - VARIOUS M SERIES BMWS - MX5'S X 3 - 911 Which kept at 130 but enevitably lost his nerve! lol +++++ coming up, a bloke who works next door to me has just brought a imported Ferrari 348 gts (y93) im gunna try my hardest to get him to race for Paint!! bet he wont go for it!
(i need bigger wheels for the bends)
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