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(NJ) Millenia S injectors

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Redtop Millenia S Fuel Injectors. They are in a PGT/Mx6 fuel rails with almost new viton o-rings (6months old tops on o-rings). I had these on my turbo PGT no problems and replaced them with 550cc injectors. They are clean and work perfectly.

$175 Shipped OBO - SOLD

Pics on photobucket
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Price drop to $150 obo
Best offer takes the injectors.
Will you take 130 shipped? There is another set for sale for the same price. Let me know, I will buy asap.
The Millenia Injectors are still for sale because the previous deal fell through. I'll take 140 shipped obo

ill give you a hundred as soon as you need it..............or as soon as ou answer if you wish........cell phone is 814 577 0736 ask or curtis
Injectors sold to someone on probetalk. Thanks for your interest.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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