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No start / Hissing?

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Hi everyone,

After driving my car a few times yesterday, I got in and the car wouldnt start. Turning the key would do nothing. I can't hear the starter click but I noticed a hissing sound coming from the engine. I figured there is pressure being released from somewhere and thought nothing of it.

After letting the car cool overnight, I tried again and the car still won't start. I again noticed the hissing sound when the car's power was turned but stopped when the car was turned off. The sound comes from the middle part of the engine to the air intake region.

My battery started my brother's car so it seems fine. I would assume I need to test/replace my starter but the hissing sound seems very strange. Could this hissing sound be the culprit?

Any ideas what it could be? Thanks!
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that hissing sound mit be the ground wire. Our it mit be some wire that is on the starter but not hook up right. check by the starter and the top of the trans.
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ground or starter, but Im going to say starter.
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thanks guys...

I'll have a second look at the starter to make sure nothing came undone randomly. I'm still confused as to why the starter would make a constant odourless hissing sound.

I'll check the connections and keep you posted. :cool:
Well there we have it... problem solved...

I took my air intake off to get a clear look at the starter and discovered the starter's power cable became unclipped. There was a click sound from the fuse box area and the hissing sound stopped as soon as I plugged the power cable back in.

The car started like a charm! :jump:

I still wonder what that hissing noise was and why it was linked to the starter being unplugged.

Thanks for your help guys!
Thats what noise you get when the starter is bad or the ground wire on the starter isnt seated firmly.

Glad its fixed.
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