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Ok well me and my brother put on some new valve covers, valve cover gaskets, intake gaskets, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, and a fuel filter last night. While the intake and the throttle body were off i cleaned them both out with wd40 and intake cleaner. The reson we had to change the valve cover gaskets is because it was leaking oil INTO were the spark plug sits, so when we took the spark plugs out some oil made its way back into the cylinders. anyways we got everything back together and now it won;t start, checked all the plugs again re gapped them, checked to make sure the cap and rotor were on properly, and that all the hoses/vacum lines were all hooked up. When we first started to crank it over it kinda fired but still didn't start, but now it won't even attempt to fire. Oh i should also let u know i did the banjo bolt mod to while everything was out (drilled it to 17/64) Think this might have something to do with it?? Well if u have any ideas let me know.

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